Stop Letting Jealousy Fuel You

Jealousy fuels a myriad amount of areas of your life. It’s a pernicious trait that everyone has felt at one point in their life. It’s extremely prevalent because of the accessibility of social media.

The only reason someone posts is because they want to make their followers jealous. Whenever you travel or go somewhere with a charming aesthetic, you feel the need to take a picture and post it. Just to tell your followers, “Hey, look! I’m doing something and look how good I look!” Now, I’m not immune to this, I have gone somewhere solely to take a picture and now thinking about it, it’s pure foolishness.

It seems childish and unnecessary for young adults to take such pride in a snapshot. Although, it’s not only captivating the youth, but also the adults. It seems like social media has taken over and is controlling our minds. It’s a subtle brainwashing that takes effect when we don’t even realize it. For example, sometimes when I’m reading a book I find myself reaching for my phone for that instant gratification. Because if I continue to read then it’ll take time for the plot to progress and for the characters to become more advanced. Although, if I pick up my phone it’s so easy to check Instagram and Pinterest and get that automatic, temporary fulfillment. It’s an unfortunate reality that we’re all living in. It’s almost inescapable, once you create your accounts.

The fear of missing out is real and heightened when social media is involved. It’s a lovely way to tell people that they’re having fun without you. This sparks jealousy in people that is unnecessary. It’s hard to not fall into the trap that social media presents us. But we have to look at the bigger picture and realize that someone else’s concert picture doesn’t mean you’re not having fun having a movie night. For all you know, the person that posted the picture is having an awful time because they feel obligated to post their experiences.

People are only posting their highlight reel. Never do you see something negative from your friends on Instagram. Everyone does this, so it seems natural. Although, if you have ever been jealous of someone because of their social media presence- STOP! There’s no need for you to yearn for someone else’s highlight reel. Everyone has their own, even if they don’t post about it.

Social media isn’t everything, and it shouldn’t be. Taking a break is extremely healthy and limiting your time on your devices as well. Our phones control our lives. It’s time that we take back the control. Jealousy of someone else’s life because of Instagram needs to end. Don’t get me wrong- I love capturing moments and posting about them, but excessive posting and picture taking are ruining all those wonderful experiences that you are trying to capture. Just as a rule of thumb: Don’t go searching for LTE in the middle of a rainforest, enjoy the rainforest. 🙂

Now since your done reading this, put your phone down and enjoy the day!

One thought on “Stop Letting Jealousy Fuel You

  1. WOW ! What insight you have! You truly are a remarkable writer and a wonderful young lady! With your abilities the sky is the limit! Thank you for taking the time to remind all what is really important. Much love G B


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