Escaping your Comfort Zone

The reason for my atrocious absence wasn’t because I was constantly busy and the only free time I had, I spent watching Netflix. Technically yes, that is true but I’m not proud of it. My bad habit recently has been doing unproductive activities in my free time. For example, it makes me feel better to watercolor or read a book rather than watching yet another episode of Friends. I had to take extreme measures in order to write. I forced myself to go to a coffee shop and the only thing on my plate was to write and drink coffee. Usually, forcing myself to do something results in a very negative outcome. Although, today the tables have turned and it feels good to write again! 🙂

The reason it’s taken me so long to write was that I was apprehensive. I was thinking about my last year-self and how fearless I was. I typed out how I felt and I posted it on the Internet, for everyone to see. Everyone! Anyone who searched my name would find this, and now that terrifies me. A year ago, I was content with that situation. However, now I am learning to fall back into that state and become more uncomfortable. So, this is the first step- writing my first post back. And I’m taking the opportunity to encourage everyone to peer outside their comfort zone. It might be hard and to be honest, it WILL be hard. However, it reassuring to myself to be able to be in this state again. All my posts have a message behind them that outlines positivity and lifestyle. I want to start to reinforce this again because it encourages me. Writing might not be your outlet, but you should find an outlet that you thoroughly enjoy. If it’s watching TV, that’s perfectly fine, but finding something that stimulates your brain and helps you grow is an added bonus.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is what people should be doing on the regular. But, we don’t because we get comfortable and change scary. Change isn’t scary once you get the ball rolling and see how the change you make can positively affect your life. And with that, have a wonderful day and don’t forget you can escape your comfort zone.

p.s. this post was quite short for such an expanse of a topic- I can assure you I’ll be back again to enforce this message. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Escaping your Comfort Zone

  1. What an uplifting message!!so glad to read that Anna is back!!! I truly missed reading your positive comments ! Thank you for making a positive difference !!

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