Carpe Diem-ing the Mid-Summer Lull

It seems unreal that July is ending, yet it feels crazy that it isn’t September quite yet. Summer feels like its slipping away, however, the more time goes on the more I want autumn! There’s nothing like the feeling of wanting the next best thing! In other words, during the school year, I was waiting for school to end and to be able to be more carefree in the summertime. The reality is, after the first month of summer break, I was yearning for the upcoming school year. Fall is officially my favorite season and I love all it has to offer. As for today, the beginning of August is approaching and I’m mentally done with summer.

I love the feeling of being productive and on a schedule. Although my summer is somewhat structured, the act of buying school supplies and starting the year is more structured for me. I’m currently blocking out the negative aspects of school and focusing on the positives. Although when September comes along I will only, sadly, focus on the negatives! Let’s backtrack to the current day and focus on the sunny positives of summer. Ironically enough, the weather is stormy and the skies are grey as I write.

As for everyone reading this, you may be stoked with the summer heat or ready for the crisp autumn air. Wherever you may land along that spectrum, remember to enjoy the present day. Yes, I realize that was a long way of saying, seize the moment! That’s the message I have to repeat to myself when I find myself not appreciating the moment. It’s completely normal for us to want the next best thing but, it’s not healthy for us to take the current moment for granted. We focus on the future and on the past. Rarely we value the present day and we have to retrain our brains to have that mindset. A mindset that encourages the positive thinking of the present day.

From here onward remember to appreciate every mediocre Monday, despite how much you may despise Mondays. Seize the moment and the day!

Lots of Love


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