How to Start Your Day with a Positive Mindset

When you hear your alarm ring in the morning, do you have a positive mindset or a negative mindset? I can assume that you are less than thrilled to wake up. Who wouldn’t be? You have to wake up while in the middle of your peaceful slumber and you have to begin your day to an annoying beeping sound and go to school or work. Doesn’t sound like the best situation, in my opinion!  So how do I wake up with a positive mindset?

Think About Something to Look Forward to

The first thing that I do when I wake up is think about something that I’m looking forward that day. Don’t worry about it being an extravagant plan that day- it can be as small as my morning cup of coffee(which is something I always look forward to!). It also doesn’t have to be first thing in the morning but if you think about something small and positive in your life it will help your morning run more smoothly.

Play Some Tunes

Music always makes me a lot happier and puts me in a better mood. So, put on your favorite playlist as you putting on your makeup or curling your hair, I promise it will make the mornings seem much less mundane.

Don’t Press Snooze

I know how tempting sleeping for another 10 minutes is and its a temptation I face every morning! However, every morning I wake up without hitting the snooze because I makes me a little happier. You might be asking, how? How does waking up earlier make you happier? Well, it gives you a 10 minute head start on your day. So this way you may not be late to your early morning class or you may have time to eat finally breakfast sitting down instead of on the go. Which brings me to y next point…

Eat Breakfast!!

I know so many people that skip breakfast because they think it doesn’t matter. Well the cliche phrase, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is 100% accurate. Food is your fuel and when you start your day on an empty tank you are wound up to have an awful day. That doesn’t mean grabbing a granola bar and running out the door. Start your day with a piece of fruit or some oatmeal to begin your soon to be wonderful day.

Choose Happy

If you incorporate every one of these things into your morning routine your day will be a little brighter. However you have to start by choosing happy. It’s yet another cliche quote, but its completely relevant. You have to be open and ready for new possibilities, for them to come your way. Choose happy,  joy,  new possibility,  new adventures and everything positive.

To have a positive mindset you have to start with a positive and open attitude. So with that have an amazing morning and use these tips to better your morning one step at a time. Good morning and have a wonderful day!!

Lots of Love


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