The One Thing That Will Make You More Organized

I like to consider myself an organized person. However sometimes I find my room a complete disaster or my life in total disarray. It usually stems from one major part of my morning and day, my closet. Hear me out! My closet doesn’t determine how organized my life is, necessarily, but it does affect me. When I have an unorganized closet clothes are all over the place. My whole room is a mess once my closet gets unorganized. For me, I don’t like to go into messy spaces so I all together avoid my room, once it hits this stage. Also lets not forget about the multitude of clothes that you and I have in our closets that you are NEVER going to wear again. Those sentimental items that every time you clean your closet you just can’t help but keep. For example, the comfiest(yet dingiest sweater) in your closet. My advice to you: GET RID OF IT! Clean out your closest, yes, that is the one thing that will make you more organized. Don’t believe me, well try it out, but don’t fake clean your closet. By fake clean your closet I mean, getting rid of one item and calling it a day. No, no, no, get out the donation box and take a trip to Target(to get some adorable bins) and clean out your closet like a pro.

It might sound silly, cleaning your closet will help organize your life and make you a more organized person. Also if cleaning our closet gets you inspired to clean the rest of your room or your whole house, well then yay! It feels so good to have a clean space and cleaning your closet will most definitely make you a more organized person.  So with that, have a great day and happy cleaning!

Lots of Love


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