23 Small Ways to Improve Your Life

I’m always looking for my life to be a little sweeter and a little happier, who isn’t? Small things that you can do everyday including, making your bed or listening to music, will help you improve your life! So, I created a list for you to be mindful of. Here are 23 things that will improve your life!

  • Always make your bed in the morning and tidy up your room
  • Listen to music while getting ready or while doing unfavorable tasks
  • Drink water before coffee in the morning
  • When your doing something you don’t want to do…think positivity!!
  • After you wake up, stretch
  • Don’t you dare press snooze!
  • Don’t go on your phone before school or work
  • Wear clothes that make YOU feel good
  • Glance at your planner before your phone
  • Always carry a water bottle and DRINK IT
  • Spend time with yourself a few times a week
  • Observe the world around you
  • Take deep breaths when you are feeling stressed
  • Take advantage of nature and go on walks
  • Eat mindfully
  • Don’t clutter your desk; it will clutter your mind
  • Clean out your closet often
  • Live in the moment
  • Stop checking your phone so often!!
  • Smile at yourself every morning
  • Color, knit, crotchet, do something to get in touch with your creative side
  • Don’t focus on what other people think of you
  • Live like no one is watching

Use these tips and tricks and live your best life! Enjoy the present and have a wonderful day!

Lots of Love


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