Personalized Watercolor Quotes

I love painting with watercolors. I paint flowers, sunsets and basically anything relatively easy! Painting quotes with watercolors is easy and also very relaxing. Quotes brighten my day and help me stay positive. The combination of relaxation and positivity makes me want to watercolor!! There are a few things you have to keep in mind while painting with watercolors especially something as intricate as words. Because if you make a mistake or add too much water you might not be able to read your quote!

Always keep in mind space and color. You want to make sure your color choices correspond with each other. Also make sure to have enough space laid out for your quote and evenly space out your words. You probably already know this but you’d be surprised how many quotes I’ve messed up because of spacing!

I like to paint my quotes in watercolors but I also like to paint sloppily, let it dry, then with a pen write a quote over it. If you are having trouble picturing it here is a step by step guide:

If you are having trouble thinking of a quote to use, check out my Pinterest board, words to live by, to give you some inspiration.

Now pick up your supplies, pick a quote and get water coloring! Also know that watercolors can be tricky sometimes so don’t give up. Happy water coloring!

Lots of love


P.S. If you like my Pinterest board you should check out my account!! I pin everything from positive quotes to Friends pictures to adventures and delicious food and everything in between!

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