Watch a Sunrise

This Saturday morning my alarm was set for 7am and when it rang I sprang out of bed and hurried downstairs. It’s not Christmas morning or even a holiday, there was nothing waiting for me downstairs, except the sunrise. Every single morning of the year the sun rises. It’s a fact that you and I already know. I’ve seen the sunrise before, I’ve glanced at it before making my way to school or peered at it on the weekend. But I’ve never got up to specifically see the sunrise.  So, I set an alarm to watch the glorious sunrise, something that happens every single day. I ran downstairs, made some coffee(obviously) and sat facing the east and looked out my window. However when your weather app says its gonna rise at 7:30am they really mean around 8:10ish. But I’m not gonna lie waiting there in the silence and watching nature was pretty cool. Watching the snow dance from the roof to a tree and staring at the tree as it shivers in the below zero temperature. Okay, that might sound a little cheesy but it really was beautiful!! The anticipation of the sun rise was so exciting. Since it did take a while I drank two cups of coffee, but that was just fine with me!

The sky was dark blue when I woke up and in the distance you could see the sky slowly(very slowly!) turning into a mellow yellow color. Then orange started to fill the sky and the houses started to have a golden hour glow. Then all of a sudden it hits you!  The sun is quite bright so it quite literally hits you, abruptly. It was so beautiful to watch and just think. Think about simple things like nature, traveling, breakfast. I made a promise to myself that the only reason I was to look at my phone was to snap a picture. But I found myself creeping to Pinterest a few times! Overall I 100% recommend watching the sunrise. Watch it tomorrow, next week, next month, whenever! Take a moment in your life to reflect and think about nature and the sunrise. Don’t think about work or whatever is stressing you at the moment. Make some coffee or tea and watch the sunrise, you wont regret it. ☼

Lots of love


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