January Habit Tracker

January is a new month and the beginning of a new year. The perfect time to start a bullet journal or continue journaling! One aspect of bullet journaling that’s always helped me organize my life is a habit tracker. Habit trackers track every little habit of yours. You can add things for self improvement like, drinking more water, meditating or exercising. Or you can add things regarding school or work or anything about your life! Your habit tracker is totally your own and totally original. It’s yours to add your own habits and self improvements. Once you’ve added all your habits, everyday, you can check off if you either did it or not. I’m a huge fan of the habit tracker because it shows me how I’m doing and in which areas of my life I need improving.

Since it is a new year I added some extra habits to keep me on my toes! I usually wouldn’t have added as many but I also wanted to give you guys some inspiration. Good luck with the new year and your habit tracker! Happy journaling!

Lots of love


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