My Favorite Easy, Thoughtful and Free Gift!

The holidays, birthdays or really anytime of the year is hectic! It’s hard to find gifts for your friends and family, that are thoughtful and inexpensive. I understand the struggle- you want to spend a million dollars on your friends but you look in your wallet and it doesn’t quite add up. One of my favorite gifts to give is a hand written letter. Writing letters can take a little time but if you really think about how much your friends mean to you and write from your heart, you will start writing and you won’t be able to stop! Get out your paper and pens, sit down and think about how much that person means to you. My favorite part of writing letters is that, it’s free! Going out to the store and buying supplies is unnecessary. You can dress up your letters with fun colored pens(my favorite) or you can simply write your letters with a black ink- it’s totally up to you. The letters should resemble your style and your personality. To make writing go a lot faster, think about:

  • the good times you’ve spent
  • how they make you feel
  • your favorite traits
  • things you have in common

I love to dress up my letters with fun doodles and some of my cursive skills. Adding colors, tape and brush pens can make your letters much more fun! When you spend more time on your letter the recipient can feel how much they mean to you. Whether you write one or one hundred meaningful letters the recipient will value your words and save your gift. Happy writing!

Lots of Love


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