Sunday Yellows

Hello, hello! Today is the day that everyone hates to see on their calendar. It’s not Monday quite yet, but it is considered Monday Eve. The day of homework and crunching in all of the last minutes tasks you forgot to do last week. It’s hard to imagine someone loving this day but, it happens to be my favorite! Sunday is my day to put on comfy clothes, make coffee and watch Friends. It’s the day where I get organized for next week in my bullet journal and it’s a day of rejuvenation.

You still might not be fully on board with liking Sunday, but here to help is one of my favorite quotes:

Everyone has such a bad connotation with Sunday. But we have to remember Sunday is just as much apart of the weekend as Saturday…also Sunday isn’t Monday so flush out all those negative thoughts about Sunday and start thinking positively! So instead of Sunday blues think Sunday yellows. Yellow is a happy color and a color that will help you get through the day with a smile. So remember to have a positive attitude about today and take in all the possibilities. To make today a little brighter get yourself a latte at your local coffee shop or take a walk with your friends. Put down devices and enjoy the beautiful day we call Sunday and embrace the Sunday yellows.

Lots of Love


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