Bullet Journal Basics

Bullet journaling, for me, is the one thing that keeps me sane! A bullet journal organizes your life while relieving stress from it. A cross between a planner and journal is essentially a bullet journal. The simple way of putting it is, a bullet journal is a planner that you create. That might sound pretty intimidating- making your own planner! However it’s a way to help untangle your life into a fun journal that is totally original.

The basis of a bullet journal is just like a planner with a few added elements. In a bullet journal there are yearly spreads, to take a glance at your whole year. There are also monthly and weekly spreads. Each different type of spread helps to organize your life differently.  My favorite spread is the weekly because I can glance at my day and also see what’s happening the rest of the week. Under each day you write you tasks for that day. Another way of organizing your day is with a daily spread. I’m not the biggest fan of the daily spread because you need to have A LOT on your agenda in order for your schedule to fill a whole page. But that is only my opinion, if you want to make everyday in your journal their own page, go for it! Collections are a part of bullet journaling that differentiate them from a planner. Collections again, organize your life is different ways. A collection can be movies you want to see or restaurants you want to try. A collection can be anything under the sun- that helps to improve and organize your life.


The most important part of bullet journaling is originality. I want you to get inspiration from my spreads and tweak them to fit your life. If you want to have a minimalist journal with few doodles- do it! If you want to have a colorful journal filled with washi tape and doodles galore- go for it! Making your bullet journal original is exactly why you aren’t buying a run of the mill planner from Target! Make this journal yours and make it beautiful, with mistakes and human error. I know I’ve had my fair share of oops when it comes to writing. I was so afraid to make my first mark in my journal, I was regretting it actually! But once you take that first step the creative ideas start flowing and before your know it you have your very own bullet journal!

Now here comes the fun part, picking out your journal and supplies! If you don’t want to buy anything and you just want to use a notebook and pens you have lying around, that it totally up to you. Personally I’m a huge fan of the Leuchtturm1917 journals, they have a sleek look and are extremely durable. Not to mention the numerous amount of colors they come in! I have the Leuchtturm A5 dotted journal and I absolutely love it. Pens make your lines look sharper and it makes it easier to read, however you can take the safe route and journal in pencil. I’m in love with the Staedtler triplus fineliner pens. They come in more than enough colors and are great quality. Washi tapes, brush markers and other doodads are fun to use, but not necessary when first starting.

You don’t need to much to start your own bullet journal, so get started! Make your yearly spread, monthly spread and get started on your week. Add a few collections and most importantly, start! Start to write down your ideas and let your creative juices flow. Most importantly, remember that making mistakes is okay and trying new things is always welcome. Happy creating!

Lots of Love


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